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The Center for Early Childhood Education

The early years of your child’s life is important, we aim to provide the care, stimulation and education needed for your child.

Fountain children centre was established in February 2004 by a local Christian organisation to serve the local community especially for those wishing to return back to work or study. The FCC is a private nursery situated in a residential area in Peckham South East London. We occupy a large Victorian house. The nursery is spread over 2 floors for our children to enjoy. Our buildings are fully wheel chair accessible.

What is special about centre

Vision & Mission Statements

  • Our Mission

    We believe in the ability to improve the quality of life of the individuals and families across the city.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision for Early Years is based upon the premise that every child receives the very best education.

  • Philosophy

    We believe that a teacher-guided, balanced approach establishes an excellent educational foundation.

Igniting the spark of genius in every child

We enhance the development and educational needs of children primarily under statutory school age and after school club for those already in school.

We endeavour to:

  • Nurture your child for school age.
  • Respect and value your child as a unique individual.
  • Enrich him/her by fostering his/her intellectual, emotional, social and physical development.
  • Encourage children to learn and build upon what each child has experienced both at home and in the community. We do this by providing a safe, secure, happy, caring, and stimulating environment.
  • Provide as many varied opportunities as possible for children as well as offering a wide range of equipment's and materials to use, explore and enjoy.
  • Motivate children to learn more by listening, observing, and acquiring new skills within the carefully structured framework of our nursery, as well as developing existing ones.

We want our children to:

  • Be independent and autonomous learning
  • Have high self esteem
  • Feel safe and valued

We want parents to:

  • have confidence in our nursery
  • fell welcome and share their knowledge of their children
  • work i n partnership with our staff regarding your child’s development
  • support our policies and procedu res

Settling in procedure

Starting nursery is a wonderful adventure and a new busy world for a young child with unfamiliar adults and a new environment. For this reason, we suggest that you settle your child into the nursery for at least two days prior to the starting date. It is for you to judge with the support of the key person when your child is ready to be left in the centre with the staff.

This is to ensure that your child feels safe, comfortable and settles in our nursery and it is a very crucial time i n your child’s life. It is therefore necessary for pa rents to plan carefully so that your child is not left to cope on his/her own soon. The nursery staff will continue to monitor your child on an individual basis as each need arises. Settling i n will be quite different from child to child therefore offer you r child plenty of encouragement and reassurance.

Use the opportunity to familiarise yourself and your child with the nursery, its routine and procedures, to help your child feel confident and secure i n knowing such things as where the toilets are, where to wash their hands and where to hang up their coats.

Learning through play

We recognise that children will already have learned a great deal before they come to nursery. Some children will have been at home with their pa rents, a child minder. Some children may have been to toddler group, playgroups or to early years’ centers they would have had a range of different experiences, skills and interests.

The experiences we provide for the children in our care are carefully structured and planned to:

  • Deeping their understanding
  • Extend their skill
  • Develop their confidence and
  • Build on what they already know

The children will do this by playing, observing questioning, talking exploring and experimenting, initiating tasks and ma king decision s, listening and responding. Well-planned play is the keyways which children learn with enjoyment and challenges their abilities during the foundation stage.

Our gardens are secure and spacious, we have a wide range of playground equipment for children to enjoy a range of physical challenges and learning opportunities to enable them to explore freely

Our children have opportunity to go outside daily in all kinds of weather snow, wind or rain to experience outdoor play daily; our pre-school children are encouraged to plant seeds and nurture them.

Children need healthy, wholesome foods

Healthy Food for Growing Children

Good nutritional food is vital for a young child’s development. Children will be provided with a well balanced diet. A qualified chef taking into account any special dietary needs of all children prepares our foods and snacks. The meals must meet strict standards to ensure that children receive a balance diet that will contain the five—a day government recommendations (an intake of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per person per day) The importance of Good food is reinforced at the fountain children centre during the’ THEME FOOD AND DRINK’ when the children are taught about HEALTHY EATING




Prepare your child for school readiness

Feel The Difference

What gives our schools the quality you feel the moment you enter are the “pillars” of belief that support them. There are six core beliefs on which everything centers at our schools.

  1. Experiential Learning

    We help children connect with their surroundings in new ways, so they discover what is meaningful to them in the moment and in the future.

  2. Community

    A child’s educational success in large part depends on families, educators, peers and relevant members of the community.

  3. Collaboration

    Sharing new experiences and solving problems with others leads to a greater sense of connectedness – as well as meaningful learning experiences.

  4. Proven Models

    Several important learning models have been developed by educators around the world. The human connection must be a key component of learning.



A unique Child



Positive Relationship



Enabling Environment



Learning and Development

Get to know our staff

Dedicated Yearly Years Educators

Our staff are dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with diverse special needs by providing evaluations and other services for children to achieve full and independent lives.

We want our staff to:

  • have high professional standards
  • offer a challenging and stimulating learning environment
  • encourage independent and learning through careful organisation, good management of resources and provision of a well-planned framework
  • promote respect for each other
  • make the nursery an enjoyable experience for all its users
  • work in pa partnership with Pa rents and the Community