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The Fountain Children Centre serves the local and immediate catchment areas of London Borough of Southwark. We are registered by OFSTED. We have 3 classes for different age groups; each room/class provides an exciting, stimulating learning environment for children until they are ready to enter the school year.

Among the facilities provided for children are: cloakroom areas, bathrooms, outside play area plus many educational facilities for learning.

The staff consists of a Centre Manager, Deputy Centre Manager, qualified Nursery Officers and Assistants. We also encourage vetted volunteers and trainee Nursery staff.

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    Enrolment Form

    An enrolment form obtainable from the Centre Manager's office should be duly completed and returned together with a registration fee of £25 (Twenty Five Pounds) for your application to be processed. You will be notified in writing when a space becomes available for your child to start.

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    Prior to admission of your child, two weeks fees will be required in advance as deposit. This fee is non-refundable but can be used up prior to your child leaving the nursery.

Parent Resources

The Parent Handbook provides new parents with an understanding of the mission, philosophy, policies, and procedures followed at our centre.



Parents are always welcome to come in and discuss any problems or worries concerning their children. We will try to help and advise in any way we can. We are always willing to explain how, why and what we do in the nursery to provide your child with a caring, secure environment and a solid foundation for future learning in their journey through life.

Understanding children’s behavior

Behavior Guidance

Positive and consistent techniques should be used to encourage children whose play actions are both appropriate and inappropriate.


Preferred Practices

  • Positive verbal and gestural reinforcement for appropriate behaviour, redirection of inappropriate behaviour

  • One verbal request (ensuring understanding) followed by gentle physical assistance

  • Teaching and practicing of preferred behaviours in order to help children habituate skills and learn self discipline

  • Offering children age appropriate choices and assisting them to follow through


Prohibited Practices

  • Corporal punishments of any child (spanking, hitting, shaking, etc.)

  • Deliberate harsh or degrading measures that would humiliate a child or undermine a child's self respect (threatening, verbal abuse, yelling, etc.)

  • Deprivation of basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, bedding etc)

  • Confining in a locked room

  • Locking the exits of the Child Care Centre for the purpose of confining

Some Suggestions For

Things That You Can Do At Home:

  1. Encourage and help your child to become independent (going to the toilet, hand washing, dressing and undressing)

  2. Regularly share books and talk about the pictures. Ask questions about the story.

  3. Visit the local library regularly. Read aloud to them and let them see you read a variety of things.

  4. Talk to them and take time to listen to them and answer their questions.

  5. Teach them a variety of nursery and other rhymes.

  6. Encourage them to hold a pencil properly.

  7. Praise and encourage any early efforts in drawing and writing and let them see you writing.

  8. Play board and card games to help with skills in number recognition, counting and taking turns.

  9. Look for numbers and letters in everyday situations.

  10. Sort objects at home by size, colour and shape and count them.

  11. Help them with the use of grips.

  12. Support our nursery work by discussing with the child, asking questions and looking for pictures, books and information to reinforce this.